Camping at Bay Shore Boat Dock Info.

Boat Dock Info.


The closeness of the dock eliminates the
need of an extra car for the non-fishing
mate or friend

Boat Dock Rental prices: $50 per week;
$150 per month; $700 for Non-Seasonal
Campers for the season; $500 for
Seasonal Campers for the season

Dock Permits are not available to non-
Seasonals unless they rent on Bay
Shore's Floating Dock.

To have your own dock on Pymatuning
Lake you must obtain a permit through
the State of Ohio (call 440.293.6329)

All dock spaces are within a short
walking distance from each campsite;
this means no travel time or extra
expense for you

Pymatuning Lake has a 20 h.p. limit

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