Camping at Bay Shore "For Sale By Owner (Trailers and Boats)

"For Sale By Owner" (Trailers and Boats)

Information Forthcoming! Check back at later time for ads.

Also, if you'd like your ad posted on our site, please email us.

To have us post an ad from this page we require the following:

A $15.00 fee per ad (one time charge before ad is posted) paid to the Bay
Shore office

The ad will link from this page to your ad page. Here's an example of an ad

The ad should be created in an MS Word or Text document exactly how it is
to appear online. Email the ad to

Please email any questions from the Contact Us page

"Why post your ad here?"... The Bay Shore office gets quite a few calls throughout the season asking about what boats and trailers are for sale. We're unable to read every ad on the bulletin board in our office to the interested buyer, so this is an easy way to advertise your item. A Win-Win situation!


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